Lawrence Wyatt

SF World Tour Open 22

World Tour PKG '22

The Salesforce World Tour brings the Salesforce vision, news, and product announcements to the world as a series of global events that unite the Salesforce community, fostering a dynamic environment for learning, networking, and sparking innovation. 

Amid the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, I was tasked with developing an exciting opening animation to launch this now predominantly virtual series that would be streamed live on our Salesforce+ platform. Embracing a travel book theme, we used our brand characters to guide us through a breathtaking global adventure showcasing iconic cities along the way. Special thanks to our creative partner Coat of Arms for a phenomenal job. In additional to a main open, we also designed a complimentary toolkit to complete the package.

Role: Creative Director
Client: Salesforce

Design and Animation Development: Coat of Arms
Sound Design: Andrew Duncan